You need a memorable keynote.
We have captivating speakers.

As visionary leaders in their fields, our presenters share powerful first-hand experiences – both professional & personal – that connect audiences in engaging ways to issues that matter to us all.

We are about positive messages, powerful role models, empowerment, and action.

  • Informing. Cutting edge analysis & ideas from leading experts in areas such as the law,
    international justice, human rights, philanthropy, and social enterprise.
  • Enlightening. New ways of seeing and understanding timely issues that matter to communities
    & individuals.
  • Inspiring. Commentary that compels people to make a difference.

Sample Topics

  • Trends in law and policy in Canada
  • Current affairs -- domestic & international
  • How can we reduce global violence
  • How do newcomers to Canada make a difference in our communities
  • The power of civil society & individuals to affect change
  • Effective leadership & mentorship
  • Corporate & political governance and ethics
  • Choosing a career with passion