Written by: cvaz

29 January 2015 / Ottawa – A new speakers’ bureau launches today as part of The Philippe Kirsch Institute. The Kirsch Institute Speakers’ Bureau will deepen the landscape of keynote presentations with captivating analysis and ideas from thought leaders representing a variety of timely sectors. Visionary leaders in their fields, these speakers share powerful first-hand experiences – both professional & personal – that connect audiences in engaging ways to issues that matter to us all. The Bureau proudly features Stephen Lewis and Bob Rae – renowned experts in global health, democracy, and human rights. The roster also includes a legal icon (Ian Binnie, former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada), eyewitnesses of historic global events (Alice Musabende, Deborah Kitumaini), specialists in social innovation and creative leadership (Tim Draimin, Rory Holland), and a clever comedienne (Martha Chaves). Offering provocative insights regarding the relevance of global justice to ordinary Canadians are Jayne Stoyles and Matt Eisenbrandt of the Canadian Centre for International Justice. Revered movement leaders round out the Bureau’s inaugural team : Paulette Senior, advocate for the rights of women and girls; Diana Bronson, food security expert; and Alex Neve of Amnesty International Canada. “Ours is a fresh approach to speakers’ bureaus – we are about positive messages, powerful role models, empowerment, and action,” says Jayne Stoyles, head of the Bureau. “Audiences are increasingly discerning about the value of content on offer at gatherings. Our speakers deliver timely, personal commentary that compels listeners to make a difference.” The Kirsch Institute Speakers’ Bureau is an affiliate of The Philippe Kirsch Institute, a socially-minded professional development provider offering high-quality programming for practitioners and students of law, as well as professionals in related fields.   Contact : Bureau website : http://www.kirschinstitute.ca/sb/ Jayne Stoyles jstoyles@kirschinstitute.ca 613 230 6114