Written by: cvaz

We’re excited to announce the launch our new International Criminal Law (ICL) Program Certificate – the first of its kind online.

We celebrate today at the University of Ottawa, where we’re hosting a day of lectures, debates and case studies on the uses, limitations and outcomes of International Criminal Law, with international and Canadian lawyer Robert Petit, war crimes expert Dr. Joseph Rikhof and Professors Jennifer Bond and Timothy Radcliffe.

The International Criminal Law Program Certificate has been in development for the better part of two years, during which time we conceived of the different Introductory and Advanced Modules and learning materials according to a need, interest and demand that we recognized among Canadian and international subject-matter experts, lecturers in the field, students and legal practitioners. With the use of both digital online technology, print media and in-person events, the ICL Certificate endeavours to make the best use of different adult learning methodologies to bring you courses that are interesting, pertinent, and that have practical value in your work or studies. All materials are held within an online account that we create for registrants on The Kirsch Institute site.

Our ICL Faculty are world-class experts, the best in their respective fields, and highly respected educators in matters of International Law. Their courses are meant to bring you many facets of what constitutes International Criminal Law: from the foundations to ground-breaking cases, from the application of law in pertinent case studies to the potential for future uses in new conflicts. Importantly, they seek to challenge your conceptions and discuss difficult questions that often arise in the international arena on the laws, relations and conflicts between countries, companies and individuals.

Registrants who complete the ICL Certificate will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment reviewed and signed by the former President of the International Criminal Court, Philippe Kirsch, and Jayne Stoyles, Director of the CCIJ and founder of The Kirsch Institute. A Certificate with Honours is also available, please see our criteria for completion here. 

For more information, please visit our pages on the ICL Program Certificate to view the Modules, courses, workshops and to register for the Certificate.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further details at info@kirschinstitute.ca