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The Philippe Kirsch Institute offers high-quality professional development opportunities through both in-person & digital curriculum for legal professionals, students, academics, civil servants, journalists, and other professionals across Canada.

About the Certificate Program

The Institute is offering the first Canadian online certificate program in International Criminal Law (ICL). The Certificate Program is taught by some of the world’s experts in the field, including ICL professors, government lawyers, former advisers to the Canadian government and to the United Nations, and counsel in war crimes cases.

The Certificate Program in International Criminal Law spans the development and application of ICL, the core crimes, the creation and fundamentals of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the role of national courts, civil liability for international atrocities, evidence, state cooperation, defences and immunities and much more. It will also provide participants with:

      1. The fundamentals of how a world-changing global legal system was conceived and created, and how such a system can influence and be incorporated in professional work in related thematic areas.
      2. Guidance on the use of international law as it relates to a wide variety of cross cutting themes including: armed conflicts, national and international security, the political environment, human rights abuses, violations by corporations, as well as other critical global issues.
      3. An international legal perspective on transnational justice, prosecutions and the role of victims, and their multiple intersections with national practice.

Learning Components

Each course endeavours to be as interactive as possible for our students, recognizing that learning has a wide variety of methods and tools and is often individual to each learner. Each course will contain the following, all part of your personalized Kirsch account on our site:

      • Pre-recorded videos with the instructor and accompanying downloadable PowerPoint presentations
      • An assigned reading to prepare for each course
      • Visual support, including videos and photos
      • Short incorporated online quizzes to help participants evaluate their understanding of the material
      • An online forum assigned to each “Unit” to enable registered participants to share their views and engage in discussion of the topic. These forums can include discussions of readings, quiz questions, and any question that the instructor puts forward during his or her course.

Our instructors are part of a group of leading subject-matter experts from across the globe. Professors of international criminal law, government lawyers, former advisers to the Canadian government and the United Nations and counsel in war crimes cases… all form part of our esteemed faculty. Read about our  ICL Faculty  Instructors.


The Introductory Course consists of 10 on-line modules of one hour each, with the option of an Honours Distinction for participating in a one day in-person event in Ottawa or Montreal.

The Advanced Course I consists of 17 on-line modules of one hour each.

We envision an Advanced Course II, comprised of an additional 18 modules and building on the content of Advanced Course I. (Note that this course does not exist at this time.)

All certificates are signed by Philippe Kirsch, First President of the International Court.


Participants who register and complete courses will receive one of the two following recognitions:

  1. Statement of Completion: Participants receive this recognition for the completion of individual courses (webinars) or specific packages. For each package or individual course completed, the Statement indicates the name of the participant, the title of each course that has been completed, the name of the instructor, and the date of completion. The Statement includes the signatures of all the participant’s course instructors.
  2. International Criminal Law Certificate: Participants receive this recognition for the completion of all ICL courses (webinars).  This certificate is signed by former president of the ICC, Philippe Kirsch.
  3. Professionalism and Substantive Hours: Canadian lawyers are required by their provincial law society to be accredited for continuing professional development or continuing legal education hours on a yearly basis. Our courses are being accredited for both professionalism and substantive hours, and these are listed on the Modules at the Registration page. Should you have any questions, please write to us at info@kirschinstitute.ca

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Designed for all Professionals

    • Legal professionals
    • Students
    • Academics
    • Civil servants
    • And learners across the globe


Any of the sessions can be taken as a single course or as part of a package.

A Philippe Kirsch Institute Certificate of Completion will be issued for all individual sessions completed, signed by the course instructor(s).

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Any questions? Don’t hesitate to email us: info@kirschinstitute.ca