Working with Clients who have Suffered Psychosocial Trauma

Mental Health and Trauma Video
  • 1.25 Substantive Hours
  • 1.75 Professionalism Hours

Session Overview

Recorded Webinar series

Participants will gain vital, practical communication skills to put to effective use in their practice working with the large segment of the public that has experienced psychosocial trauma. This core series of three webinars (3 hours total) offers useful information for all legal practitioners.

The complementary webinars, for which you can register separately, address the more focused issues faced by lawyers working with low-income, ethno-racial clients (Avvy Go), immigrants and refugees (led by Lorne Waldman), or victims of violence in the workplace (Elizabeth McIntyre). We suggest taking a series of four webinars, three from the first series, and one of the complementary webinars, whichever best applies to your legal practice area.

The series includes the core 60-minute recorded webinars.

1. Introduction to Post traumatic Stress Disorder

Guest Lecturers: Gerald Gray and Jaime Ross

This course has been accredited for  15 min of Professionalism Content and 45 min of Substantive Content.

2. Secondary Trauma and Self Care

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Yael Fischman

Click here for a paper by Dr. Fischman and S. Megan Berthold on Psychological Trauma and PTSD

This course has been accredited for 1 hr of Professionalism Content.

3. Psychological Factors in a Legal Interview and Preparation of Client to Testify in Court

Guest LecturersDr. Yael Fischman and Jaime Ross

This course has been accredited for 30 min of Professionalism Content and 30 min of Substantive Content.

Participants can either attend the webinars live or watch the recordings at their convenience.

Further CPD Accreditation

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NB 1

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