The Social License to Operate

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Business and Human Rights Video
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Session Overview

The complexity of laws and jurisdictional issues affecting corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasing. Lawyers must counsel their clients on a range of CSR topics: business and human rights, anti-corruption, ethical sourcing and  lending, privacy, and non-judicial grievance mechanisms. With the prevalence of cross-border class actions and extraterritorial jurisdiction, the importance of properly advising companies on the range of CSR issues can not be sufficiently stressed.

In this CPD-accredited video, Monica Ospina, Director of O Trade, explores the relationship between the private sector and local communities, especially when working in fragile or failed states. Ospina discusses issues related to social and cultural change, economic factors, as well as environmental concerns, and analyzes the importance of building trust between the different actors involved in the extractive sector.

Length: 24 minutes

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