PRIVACY: The Implications of FATCA in Canada

Philippe Kirsch Institute
Cross Border Issues Privacy Video
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Session Overview

Privacy laws are evolving at a rapid pace in our ever expanding global system of communications, trade, security and political co-operation. Where does the individual stand? What are new cyber privacy laws? What implications do privacy laws have for companies and their international operations? How do we encourage growth and hold companies and people accountable? What cross border and transnational issues arise with the free flow of citizens, commercial and illicit goods and company headquarters and subsidiaries across borders?

In this 1 hour and 30 minute webinar, Professor Allison Christians covers FATCA’s basic framework and how it evolved into a conversation about citizenship. Why does FATCA work whereas UBS did not? What are the regulatory systems at play? Does FATCA cause substantial problems and if so, how can these be mitigated and who are the victims? Professor Christians interrogates these issues and more, including ways in which litigators can best perform their duties and serve their clients.

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