Perspectives from the Bench: The Hon. Robert Armstrong and The Hon. Stephen Goudge

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Session Overview

What does it take to be an effective advocate in court? Are there common misperceptions about the features of good advocacy? Where does humour fit in (if it has a place at all), and what are the marks of a truly great advocate – and the common errors that young counsel tend to make? In this series, sitting and retired justices discuss these questions and more, including sharing their thoughts on the judicial appointment process and the need for diversity and representation, the importance of public perception and legitimacy and the sway of public opinion in hard Charter cases. The use of international law in Canadian courts is also explored, as are remarks on the use and evolution of technology in the legal profession.

In this webinar, The Hon. Robert Armstrong and The Hon. Stephen Goudge share their thoughts, experience and some tips and tricks to give a truly wide array of perspectives from the bench.

Webinar length: 40 minutes of Substantive content and 20 minutes of Professionalism content accredited by The Law Society of Upper Canada

CPD Accreditation

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