Mental Health in the Legal Profession – Fall Conference Session

Mental Health and Trauma Video
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Session Overview

As one of our foundational Fall Conference sessions, join Orlando Da Silva, Doron Gold, Melanie Banka Goela and moderated by Jodi Kovitz for reflections, insight, and discussions on mental health, depression and other issues that arise in the life of a legal professional. The lecturers share personal experiences from their time and work as law students into their experience as lawyers and working within the legal profession, with Orlando speaking to his own struggles with depression. Melanie speaks to her work with Osgoode Law, on diversity and intersectionality as well as the systemic factors that lead to the rise in mental health problems in the practice. Is the system aligned against practitioners and naturally adversarial?

Doron will speak on the widespread stigma that still surrounds mental health issues, and a discussion will look at what is being done to raise awareness, and how we can move into pro-active wellness in both the work culture and the individual. Jodi takes us through the importance of passion and vision in building a legal career and a group discussion focuses on what the profession can do to be more supportive and what lawyers can each do to stay healthy – including tips for wellness, mindfulness, self-care and self-compassion.

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