ICL: Introductory Course

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Session Overview

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Lecture 1.0. History, Introduction of ICL and accountability
Instructor: René Provost

Lecture 2.0. The International Criminal Court
Instructor: Joseph Rikhof

Lecture 3.0. Genocide
Instructor: William Schabas

Lecture 4.0. Crimes Against Humanity
Instructor: Darryl Robinson

Lecture 5.0. War Crimes
Instructor: Joseph Rikhof

Lecture 6.0. The Crime of Aggression
Instructor: Tim Radcliffe

Lecture 7.0. Gender-based Crimes in ICL
Instructor: Linda Bianchi

Lecture 8.0. Application of ICL in National Courts
Instructor: Fannie Lafontaine

Lecture 9.0. Principles of Liability in ICL
Instructor: Joseph Rikhof

Lecture 10.0. Defences and immunities
Instructor: Fannie Lafontaine

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