Fall Conference Session: New Guidelines on Diversity

Diversity in the Legal Profession Video
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Session Overview

An increasing awareness is being given to the need for diversity and representation within the legal profession. This programming series seeks to uncover many different issues that arise under this theme and understand the intersection of diverse lived experiences. What is diversity? Where does the push and promotion for diversity begin? Can we create better policies that speak to the representation and retention of women and the diminution of sexual harassment or discrimination?  How can we reach equal diversity on boards and among partners? Is there an adversarial nature to the legal profession that is at odds with measures and policies focused on equality, work/life balance and better hiring and promotional practices?

In the recording of our 2015 Conference, Lai-King Hum, Raj Anand and Julie Soloway discuss, with moderation by Tamara Morgenthau, the advent of women and racialized groups in legal practice, current prevailing structural barriers to hiring and advancement, and provide an in-depth look at the new 2016 guidelines on diversity that are being adopted by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

This video features 1.5 hours of Substantive content.

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