The Philippe Kirsch Institute, named for the Canadian lawyer and diplomat who served as the first President of the historic International Criminal Court in The Hague, is a social enterprise that benefits Lawyers Without Borders Canada, a non-governmental international cooperation organization whose mission is to support the defence of the human rights of people in situations of vulnerability by strengthening access to justice and legal representation.

The Kirsch Institute has combined a premier roster of judges and lawyers with web technology to educate Canadian legal practitioners for their ever-increasing role in the global community. The Institute offers Canada’s first online certificate in International Criminal Law and also holds a video library of specialized and bilingual Continuing Professional Development courses in criminal, constitutional, civil, human rights, and international law.

The Institute has teamed with leading jurists and legal experts, to create a community of lawyers who believe in international justice and CCIJ’s critical role in this global endeavour. Faculty members, among them the Hon. Ian Binnie, Hon. Michel Bastarache, Hon. Frank Iacobucci, Hon. Michèle Rivet, Hon. Yves de Montigny, John Norris, Lorne Waldman and Kent Roach, are testament to these commitments (see our faculty bios).

The Institute was created by the Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ), a Canadian charitable organization that worked with survivors of genocide, torture and other atrocities to seek redress and bring perpetrators to justice.