Martha Chaves

Martha Chaves is a popular keynote presenter thanks to her extraordinary relatability and infectious, candid style. Her refreshing take on current affairs has made her a favourite in clubs, festivals, fundraisers, and corporate events. Ms. Chaves garners invitations to perform all over the world, including recently with an entertainment mission to UN Canadian peacekeeping troops in the Middle East and with a Nobel Women’s Initiative delegation to Central America in 2012.

Born in Nicaragua during the tumultuous years of the DeBayle dictatorship, Ms. Chaves was raised amidst the revolution and sent to Canada as a young teenager. When her parents fled during the Contra War, Ms. Chaves applied for and was granted political refugee status. Her parents wound up in Guatemala, so Ms. Chaves struggled as a refugee on her own. She credits those challenges for her resilience and what she is today.

A professional comedienne for almost two decades, Ms. Chaves is a six-time Canadian Comedy Awards nominee. In addition to acting alongside megastars like Chris Rock, Denzel Washington, and Terrence Howard, Ms. Chaves has multiple TV appearances to her credit, including two of her own national comedy specials: COMICS! (CBC) and “There’s Something About Martha” (CTV, Comedy Network). She’s a regular on CBC Radio’s “Laugh Out Loud” and “The Debaters”.

Language : English

Topics :

  • the healing power of laughter
  • empowerment
  • anti-bullying
  • women’s issues
  • humour in the workplace