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The Philippe Kirsch Institute (PKI) was created as a social enterprise to provide legal education and training in support of the work carried out by the Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ). The Institute offers lectures and seminars – prepared by its Faculty of experts in international law and related fields – to Canadian legal professionals, students, and the general public. The Institute is also Canada’s leading social enterprise in international criminal legal education, offering Canada’s first online Certificate Program in International Criminal Law.

The PKI Global Justice Journal is a natural outgrowth of this educational function. The Journal will aim to critically inform readers of new developments in the realms of international and transnational justice. In doing so, the PKI Global Justice Journal will bolster the Institute’s educational function by supplementing its lectures and disseminating the work of its contributors. The Journal will provide, inter alia, in-depth analyses, reviews of novel scholarly pieces, and interviews with Faculty members.

Moreover, by inviting a plurality of views and voices to react to its content, the Journal will endeavour to become a space for plural discussion and debate.

The Editorial Board is now accepting contributions. Please refer to our Call for Contributions for more details on submission requirements and on the editorial process. The Journal will publish articles in English and French. All articles will be published in the language that they were submitted.

The written contributions to the Journal express the views of their authors and not those of the Philippe Kirsch Institute or the Canadian Centre for International Justice. Written contributions to the Journal should not be considered legal advice. Readers should seek their own legal advice before acting.

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Volume 3 | 2019

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The MMIGW Final Report and Genocide
By: Joseph Rikhof
June 8

No Investigation in Afghanistan
By: James Hendry
June 1

No Head of State Immunity for Al Bashir in Jordan
By: James Hendry
May 23

By: Joseph Rikhof
May 15

The Legality of the charges against Khmer Rouge leaders
By: James Hendry
May 6

By: Irit Weiser
April 29

The ECCC and International Criminal Law: Latest Developments
By: Joseph Rikhof
April 17

Karadžić receives life imprisonment
By: Joseph Rikhof
April 11

Regime Change May Allow Prosecution of a Former Oppressive Regime’s Enforcers for Genocide
By: James Hendry
April 4

International Crimes: Spotlight in Switzerland’s War Crimes Unit
By: Julia Crawford, JusticeInfo.Net,  February 15, 2019, published previously by JusticeInfo
March 28

Question and Answer session with Raïss Tinmaung About the Rohingya Situation
By: Raïss Tinmaung and Joseph Rikhof
March 21

Just Satisfaction for Individuals When States Sue Each Other for Treaty Breaches
By: James Hendry
March 14

Building on shifting sands: evidentiary challenges in universal jurisdiction cases
By: Noémi Manco and Valérie Paulet, both with TRIAL International (republished from Universal Jurisdiction Annual Review 2019, TRIAL International)
March 4

Books: Question and Answer Session with Terje Einarsen and Joseph Rikhof About Their New Book Entitled “A Theory of Punishable Participation in Universal Crimes”
By: The Editorial Board of the Philippe Kirsch Institute Global Justice Journal
March 1

International crimes: spotlight on Germany’s war crimes unit
By: Benjamin Duerr, JusticeInfo Correspondent in the Hague (republished from JusticeInfo)
February 21

Prosecutors on the Front Line: A Q&A with Teresa McHenry, Head of the Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section of the U.S. Department of Justice
By: Teresa McHenry and Joseph Rikhof
February 13

Obligation de coopération et immunités dans l’affaire Al-Bashir : vers une infirmation par la Chambre d’appel ?
By: Azé Kerté Amoulgam
February 8

International crimes: spotlight on France’s war crimes unit
By: Frank Petit, JusticeInfo Correspondent in Paris (republished from JusticeInfo)
February 2

L’auto-saisine de l’Assemblée générale des Nations Unies en cas de blocage du Conseil de sécurité – Le précédent méconnu de la « résolution Acheson »
By: Silviana Cocan
January 30

The Protection Nexus between Non-Penalisation and National Security Exception under the Refugee Convention 
By: Jennie Poon
January 28

Developments in Statutory Sanctions Against Alleged Foreign Wrongdoers
By: James Hendry
January 17

Volume 2 | 2018

Les Particularités et les Défis de la Cour Pénale Spéciale de Centrafrique
By: Dieudonné Detchou
December 21

Preventing Impunity for the Costs of a Failed Utopia
By: James Hendry
December 18

ICC Moot Court Competition 2018: Reflections on Three Ground-Breaking Issues by University of Ottawa Advocates
By: Ashley Geerts, Mina Karabit and Christine Kucey
November 29

Analysis: Torture Committed by Private Individuals and State Responsibility
By: Irit Weiser
October 23

Analysis: International Justice for War Crimes Committed in Syria
By: Jolene Hansell
October 18

Q&A With Darryl Robinson: A Landmark ICC Appeals Chamber Hearing on Head of State Immunity
By: Darryl Robinson and Joseph Rikhof
October 15

Analysis: The United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Mali: Mandate Renewal and Evolution
By: Justin Mohammed
October 5

Analysis: The International Criminal Court Decides that It Has Jurisdiction Over the Alleged Deportation of the Rohingya
By: James Hendry
September 28

Analysis: Post-War Ground Realities of Dissolving Territories and Protracted Displacement of Eelam Tamils in Sri Lanka
By: Piratheeca Vimalarajah
September 18

Analysis: International Crimes in Myanmar Alleged in Human Rights Council Report
By: James Hendry
September 11

Prosecutors on the Front Line: A Q&A with Terry Beitner of the Canadian War Crimes Unit
By: Terry Beitner and Joseph Rikhof
August 29

Analyse : Enfin une convention pour la prévention et la répression des crimes contre l’humanité?
By: Johanne Levasseur
August 20

Analysis: Towards Greater Accountability for Corporate Involvement in International Crimes
By: Annika Weikinnis
August 13

In Search of Justice: My Fight Against Impunity
By: Déborah Kitumaini
July 31

Analysis: The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: A Unique Institution
By: Joseph Rikhof
July 30

Analysis: The ICC’s Treatment of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Crimes
By: Nicole Cvercko
July 18

Analysis: A Human Rights Perspective on Ireland’s Referendum
By: Sylvie McCallum Rougerie
June 26

Prosecuting International Crimes Series: Management of Information
By: Silviana Cocan, Joseph Rikhof, and Érick Sullivan
June 21

Prosecuting International Crimes Series: Documenting Information
By: Silviana Cocan, Joseph Rikhof, and Érick Sullivan
June 14

Prosecuting International Crimes Series: Investigation Policy and Principles of Cooperation and Collaboration
By: Silviana Cocan, Joseph Rikhof, and Érick Sullivan
June 7

Prosecuting International Crimes Series: Defining Legal Concepts and Frameworks
By: Silviana Cocan, Joseph Rikhof, and Érick Sullivan
May 31

Commentaire d’arrêt : L’Affaire Araya et l’accès aux recours civils fondés sur le droit coutumier international au Canada
By: Roojin Habibi
May 28

Q&A with Payam Akhavan: The Plight of the Rohingya
By: James Hendry
May  16

Prosecutors on the Front Line: Inside European War Crimes Units
By: Noémi Manco and Valérie Paulet
May 7

Case Comment: Can the Office of the Prosecutor investigate the deportation of the Rohingya?
By: James Hendry
April 24

Case Comment: Review of the Appeals against the Reparations Order in Prosecutor v. Germain Katanga
By: Irit Weiser
April 4

Case Comment: Lubanga: New Direction in Reparations Liability from the ICC
By: Pearl Eliadis
March 28

Case Comment: Reparations Principles in the Al Mahdi Appeal
By: James Hendry
March 22

Analysis: Extended Liability in the Magnitsky Act
By: Joseph Rikhof
March 14

Case Comment: The Reach of South Africa’s Anti-Terrorism Law
By: James Hendry
March 7

Commentaire d’arrêt : L’Affaire Bemba – Les violences sexuelles et la responsabilité pénale des chefs militaires et des supérieurs hiérarchiques
By: Marilynn Rubayika
February 27

Case Comment: The International Court of Justice Orders Compensation for Environmental Damage
By: James Hendry
February 23

Analysis: A New Scheme For Canadian Corporate Responsibility Operating Abroad
By: James Hendry
February 16

Case Comment: Inter-American Court Issues its First Decision on Modern Day Slavery: Case of Hacienda Brasil Verde
By: Irit Weiser
February 16

Case Comment: Dutch Court Convicts Ethiopian War Criminal to Life Imprisonment
By: Joseph Rikhof
January 23

Comment: Canada’s Trade-off Between Arms and Human Rights
By: James Hendry
January 19

Analysis: Activating the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court over the Crime of Aggression
By: James Hendry
January 8


Volume 1 | 2017

News: Second Week of the Assembly of States Parties to the ICC
By: Amanda Ghahremani, Leah Gardner, and Isabelle Jacovella Rémillard
December 21

Case Comment: Potential Corporate Liability in Transnational Law Redux
By: James Hendry
December 19

News: First Week of the Assembly of States Parties to the ICC
By: Amanda Ghahremani, Leah Gardner, and Isabelle Jacovella Rémillard
December 9

Analysis: Thoughts on a Customary International Law Tort and the Canadian Legal System
By: Irit Weiser
December 4

Analysis: The Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor in Kosovo
By: James Hendry
November 28

Analysis: A History and Typology of International Criminal Institutions
By: Joseph Rikhof
November 24

Case Comment: Reparations for Death and Destruction in the Congo
By: Pearl Eliadis
November 20

Analysis: The Notion of Civilians in International Criminal Law
By: Joseph Rikhof
November 13

Commentary: The Magnitsky Act – A Bold Step Forward, but Changes Needed
Commentary by CCIJ
October 17

Case Comment: The Value of Assurances in Extradition Proceedings
By: James Hendry
September 27

Case Comment: Reparations for the Destruction of the Precious Past
By: James Hendry
September 15

Analysis: Judges as Perpetrators of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity
By: Joseph Rikhof
September 1

Case Comment: New Arrest Warrant at the International Criminal Court
By: Joseph Rikhof
September 1

Case Comment: The Reach of an ICC Arrest Warrant
By: James Hendry
August 24

Case Comment: Potential Corporate Liability in Transnational Law
By: James Hendry
August 9

La justice pénale internationale : des petits pas géants
By: Marilynn Rubayika
July 31

Case Comment: Forum non Conveniens and Liability for Alleged Human Rights Violations – The Nevsun Resources Ltd. Case
By: Pearl Eliadis
July 31

Case Comment: Transnational Law and Canadian Courts – The Issue of Forum non Conveniens
By: James Hendry
July 31

Analysis: South African Executive Cannot Unilaterally Withdraw from the ICC
By: James Hendry
July 31

Analysis: Flexibility in Transitional Justice
By: Nora Ahmetaj
July 31